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New Report Outlines Law Enforcement Super PACs and the Democratic Consultants Who Take Their Money

Today, the Democratic Policy Center released a report chronicling the role of law enforcement super PACs in three important jurisdictions in the United States: Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Long Island. In these areas, law enforcement has used outside spending committees to influence elections to shape local governments.

Equally important, the report exposes the consultants who do business with these law enforcement super PACs, many of which are prominent Democratic firms that work with leading Democratic politicians and committees.

In response to the report and a concurrent op-ed in The Appeal, two consulting firms that have previously worked with law enforcement super PACs said they will no longer work with law enforcement groups.

“There is a growing campaign to convince politicians to reject donations from law enforcement. We fully support this effort,” explained Adam Eichen, co-founder of the Democratic Policy Center. “We believe the ‘No Cop Money’ pledge should also ask politicians to denounce outside spending by law enforcement unions and pressure Democratic consultants to stop taking their money.”

Read the report below.

Police Super Pacs Report
Download PDF • 386KB

Read the authors’ commentary on the topic in The Appeal here.



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