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The Democratic Policy Center believes in transparency, and we want you to know how we use online information collected from you and what choices you have. We realize that reading detailed privacy policies takes time, so we provided below a series of short statements about our online privacy practices, and you can find a more detailed version HERE:

  • Information we collect automatically: We collect some information automatically when you visit our websites. This is non-personally identifiable information, and we generally only use it for administrative purposes. We may sometimes use automatically collected data in conjunction with other data we have about you, including personally identifiable information you have voluntarily provided us, to help facilitate our advocacy and fundraising efforts.

  • Cookies and clear GIFs: Cookies and clear GIFs are technologies that allow websites to track certain usage information and remember users when they return to a website. This section describes these technologies and how we use them.

  • Email newsletters and other lists: If you wish to receive some or all of our newsletters, you may provide us with your email address.

  • Our blogs: If you wish to leave comments about posts on our blogs, we first require you to register and provide personally identifiable information to help prevent spam and other abuse.

  • Online donations: Certain personally identifiable information is required to process online donations. We are also happy to accept fully anonymous donations by U.S. mail.

  • Social networking: Social networking can be a useful tool, but you should familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of each social networking site that you use.

  • Other interactive services: We may provide other interactive services as well. If you ever have a question not answered by this policy, please feel free to contact us.

  • Special note regarding interactive services: Any communications you submit or post to a blog, message board, social networking site, or other interactive feature may be viewable by other participants or users of the service. Therefore, you should understand that you have no expectation of privacy or confidentiality in the content you submit to such interactive features, whether or not it contains personally identifiable information about you.

  • Security: Maintaining the security of information about our constituents is a priority for us.



As always, we welcome your feedback; contact us.

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