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Democratic Policy Center Ad: "Are You Paying Too Much For Your Health Insurance?"

Today, the Democratic Policy Center released its first-ever ad, centered around a simple question: "Are you paying too much for your health insurance?”

Health insurance premiums have increased significantly over the past decade -- and Americans are frequently hit with costly medical bills even when they have insurance. People are forced to choose their doctors within increasingly limited insurance networks to avoid truly catastrophic expenses, and often have no choice but to beg strangers on the Internet for help with medical bills.

Yet, if you watch industry ads or pundit roundtables on TV, you might think that Americans are happy with this system that routinely gouges them and grinds them into dust. We know that isn’t true. That’s why we’re releasing our own ad and asking people to help put it on the air.

If you and your family are tired of the corporate health insurance industry’s scam tactics and propaganda machine, please help fund our ad and support our work fighting their influence in Washington.



The Democratic Policy Center is a 501(c)(4) non-profit. We conduct rapid response research and analyze policy proposals and legislation to advance progressive solutions to our nation’s crises.


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